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Do You Have The Right To Be Forgotten?

Most of us want to be remembered. But, depending on their past, some people want to be forgotten – or at least they want some of their past deeds to be forgotten. But do you have a right to be forgotten? In the United States, the answer is . . . “maybe, depending on where and how old you are.” If you’re in Europe, it appears that there is a growing consensus that the answer is “definitely.” The cross-continent debate started in 2010, but it has recently heated up. In order to understand the arguments, some background is helpful. European …


Why Social Media Matters

The Internet changed everything; Social Media has changed the Internet, and therefore everything. Not many born before 1990 would argue with the assertion that, in our lifetime, the Internet has changed just about everything. Here are a few examples: Postal mail (“snail mail”) is well on the way to obsolescence. The United States Postal Service projects that First-Class Mail will decline by 35% by 2020. All types of mail (including junk mail) will decline by 30%. The number of print newspaper readers is falling like a rock, and the industry is in serious crisis, indicated by bankruptcy filings, interested sellers …


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Rand Paul And The Expiration Of The Patriot Act

During the last weekend in May, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul did something that is not easy to do – he managed to anger most Republicans and Democrats, the Senate Majority Leader (who is also the senior senator from Kentucky), and the President of the United States. That’s quite an accomplishment. So, what was this political food fight all about? Only one of the most important issues of the age. The cause of the conflict was the imminent expiration of the USA Patriot Act, in particular the provisions of the Patriot Act that permit the Government to vacuum up without a …


SCOTUS Decision in Spokeo Could Have Significant Impact on Data Breach Litigation

Following several significant data breaches in 2014 and 2015, including one reported just last week by the IRS, organizations of all types are on high alert to safeguard against data breaches and to prepare incident response plans, recognizing that no one is immune. As organizations prepare for a future business climate in which consumers and government regulators alike expect proactive risk assessment and programs to address identified vulnerabilities, there is little question that such heightened expectations will lead to significant future regulatory action and litigation in the aftermath of data breaches. At a May 11, 2015 event hosted by U.S. …