Monthly Archives: December 2015

FCC Latest Federal Agency to Chime in on Data Security

In 2015, the Federal Communications Commission joined the chorus of federal agencies seeking to declare its power when it comes to data breaches. In April, the agency made its first foray into the field by way of a consent decree with a major communications provider. In July, the FCC inked another consent decree, this time with TerraCom, Inc., and YourTel America, Inc., based on alleged failures to protect personally identifiable information. Both of these actions resulted in stiff monetary penalties, the imposition of stringent compliance programs, and years of audits. And the FCC’s policing efforts in regard to consumer privacy …


Hackers Aim Sights on Small Biz

We’ve become accustomed to data breaches. For consumers, data breaches are irritating, can be inconvenient, and sometimes create identity theft issues for those affected. Consumers expect “the big boys” to have data security and privacy under control. They take offense when their personal data is compromised, and they assume that a data breach occurred because of a lack of rigor in process, or lack of investment in technologies and methodologies designed to protect their information. Many companies have managed the risk associated with data breach by making sure their insurance limits are adequate to cover the eventuality. That’s a prudent …