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Laurin is the Co-Leader of the firm’s Intellectual Property and Technology Team. He focuses his practice on technology and intellectual property-related torts and contract disputes; media-related counseling and litigation; white-collar criminal defense; and close corporation shareholder disputes. He is experienced in advising and representing national media organizations on the full range of newsroom and courtroom access issues, privacy-related and news gathering torts, and internet and computer privacy issues.

Private Bankrolling of Defamation and Privacy Suits

The New York Times recently reported that famed Silicon Valley investor and PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel has been secretly bankrolling “Hulk Hogan’s” (real name Terry Bollea) invasion of privacy suit against Gawker Media. The lawsuit concerns the publication of a sex tape involving Mr. Bollea and the then-wife of one of his friends. Yuck. Double yuck that Gawker saw fit to publish the tape on its site. The yuck factor and legal merits of the suit aside, Mr. Thiel’s involvement could be a game changer. For more than 50 years, American defamation law has been tilting decidedly in favor of …


Rand Paul And The Expiration Of The Patriot Act

During the last weekend in May, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul did something that is not easy to do – he managed to anger most Republicans and Democrats, the Senate Majority Leader (who is also the senior senator from Kentucky), and the President of the United States. That’s quite an accomplishment. So, what was this political food fight all about? Only one of the most important issues of the age. The cause of the conflict was the imminent expiration of the USA Patriot Act, in particular the provisions of the Patriot Act that permit the Government to vacuum up without a …