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Matt has successfully represented individuals and businesses in a variety of data privacy and intellectual property matters, including claims related to violations of federal patent and trademark laws, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Electronic Communications Privacy Act, and Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

Policing Internet Privacy: FCC’s New Frontier

Unwilling to be left behind by the likes of Google and Facebook, Internet Service Providers are increasingly exploring how they may capitalize on the high-value targeted advertising market.  In November 2016, AT&T explained that targeted advertising is a major contributor behind its bid to buy Time Warner Inc. for $85 billion.  AT&T is not alone.  In 2015, Comcast acquired an ad-targeting firm, Visible World, in what has been widely viewed as an effort to gain stronger footing in the industry.  Another major mobile carrier recently came under fire following its acquisition of a name-brand ISP for sharing information about users …


Apple’s DOJ Battle Scratches the Surface of Encryption Debate

By now you are likely aware of Apple’s ongoing battle with the Justice Department over the scope of the All Writs Act and its resistance of a federal court’s order compelling Apple to create special software that would unlock the iPhone used by Syed Rizwan Farook, one of the assailants in a mass shooting in San Bernardino, California. If you haven’t kept up with the story, an excellent walk through of where things stand may be found here. Apple’s case is generating a great deal of public debate over the amount of privacy a person may come to expect when …


How Does Your Terms of Service Agreement Rate?

Online terms of service agreements are the rarely-read but often-mocked daily annoyance of Internet users worldwide.  A large (literally) barrier to the immediate gratification of access to online content, most of us are guilty of blindly clicking “I accept” when prompted.  We do this, often with a very limited understanding that in exchange for “businesses giv[ing us] these fantastic services, Google Search, Facebook and many other things, for free[,]” we give those businesses information they then commercialize by, for example, selling to advertisers.  Often unknown to us is exactly what information we are giving, who is seeing it, or how …


Do You Have The Right To Be Forgotten?

Most of us want to be remembered. But, depending on their past, some people want to be forgotten – or at least they want some of their past deeds to be forgotten. But do you have a right to be forgotten? In the United States, the answer is . . . “maybe, depending on where and how old you are.” If you’re in Europe, it appears that there is a growing consensus that the answer is “definitely.” The cross-continent debate started in 2010, but it has recently heated up. In order to understand the arguments, some background is helpful. European …