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What is “Personal Information?” It Depends on Where You Live

Breach notification statutes have been enacted in 47 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.  Only Alabama, New Mexico and South Dakota have not adopted such laws.  In general, a business has no obligation to provide notification unless a breach compromises “personal information.”  There is no uniform definition of “personal information.”  It varies from state to state depending upon how “personal information” is defined in that state’s breach notification statute.  There are common elements found in all state statutes.  For instance, all the statutes define “personal information” to include: first name, last name, or first initial …


Phishing Scam Hooks South Carolina Department of Revenue: No One Is Immune

If you’ve ever thought that your organization is invulnerable to cyber-attack, think again. The sheer volume of cyberattacks should convince you otherwise. But it’s also obvious that all organizations, in every industry, have been subject to attack. Even government tax authorities. For instance, in November 2012, South Carolina’s Department of Revenue was hit with one of the worst cyberattacks against a state government in U.S. history. This cyberattack led to 3.8 million tax returns, social security numbers, and other information being stolen by a single international hacker. Notably, this attack was the result of one of the most common cyber-hacker …