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The Utility and Risk of Mobile Device Tracking

Americans are becoming increasingly dependent on mobile devices. These devices allow us to remain in constant contact with our family, “friends” (the real kind and the Facebook kind), Followers, and colleagues. Use of the devices is now cross-generational; teenagers to grandparents are carrying around the latest iPhone or Android product. Retailers are taking notice and capitalizing on this social and technological phenomenon by tracking mobile devices and their owners as they move about malls, shopping centers, and stores. This allows for the study of customer behavior, which ultimately enables a better understanding and improvement of the customer experience, which hopefully …


Big Box Data Breaches

2013 was a difficult year for several large U.S. “Big Box” retailers which experienced major data breaches at the hands of cybercriminals. These well-publicized breaches included those among the largest in history. These now infamous “Black Friday Hacks” caused these companies to suffer significant economic losses, including remediation, defending class action lawsuits and fighting off the FTC and States Attorneys General. In addition, there is the unquantifiable damage to the companies’ brands and reputations. The type of cybercrime experienced by these retailers has been a reality for nearly a decade. For example, in 2005 cybercriminals stole 90 million records from …