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FCC Latest Federal Agency to Chime in on Data Security

In 2015, the Federal Communications Commission joined the chorus of federal agencies seeking to declare its power when it comes to data breaches. In April, the agency made its first foray into the field by way of a consent decree with a major communications provider. In July, the FCC inked another consent decree, this time with TerraCom, Inc., and YourTel America, Inc., based on alleged failures to protect personally identifiable information. Both of these actions resulted in stiff monetary penalties, the imposition of stringent compliance programs, and years of audits. And the FCC’s policing efforts in regard to consumer privacy …


Cybersecurity Developments at the SEC

In September 2015, the Securities and Exchange Commission took two separate but significant actions related to cybersecurity in the securities industry. Because they occurred so close together, the actions had some people wondering whether they were linked, suggesting an imminent increase in enforcement actions by the agency. Both actions are important, not only to securities firms in particular, but to anyone interested in understanding the agency’s viewpoint when it comes to cybersecurity. But, when viewed in context, the SEC’s recent actions do not appear to signal any meaningful shift in agency behavior. Notwithstanding, they should serve as a reminder to …