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HIPAA and Text Messaging

Text messaging is pervasive.  Doctors and other health care providers, covered entities, and business associates currently use (and embrace) the technology.  Texting is easy, fast and efficient.  It doesn’t require a laptop and can operate even where wireless signals are low.  It doesn’t require you to scroll through your email inbox or retrieve your voicemail. All of this convenience is coupled with compromise, leading to security risks that can be difficult to manage. There is the obvious risk of unauthorized access to protected health information.  For example, unless preventive measures are employed: anyone with access to the mobile device will …


Is Creepy Compensable?

A watchful eye can be a good thing. We all want to keep an eye on what’s important. In an increasingly fast-paced world, however, it gets harder. The Internet and advances in mobile technology put so much information at our fingertips that it is difficult to keep up with, or sometimes even to discern, what matters most. But the Internet also makes it possible to stay connected with the people and things we value even when we can’t or don’t need to be physically present. Web cams, for instance, allow us to monitor our homes from afar. You can sit …


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The Utility and Risk of Mobile Device Tracking

Americans are becoming increasingly dependent on mobile devices. These devices allow us to remain in constant contact with our family, “friends” (the real kind and the Facebook kind), Followers, and colleagues. Use of the devices is now cross-generational; teenagers to grandparents are carrying around the latest iPhone or Android product. Retailers are taking notice and capitalizing on this social and technological phenomenon by tracking mobile devices and their owners as they move about malls, shopping centers, and stores. This allows for the study of customer behavior, which ultimately enables a better understanding and improvement of the customer experience, which hopefully …